A wide range of offers, among which is 1xbet fixed matches (sweepstake), can be noted by everyone, who decided to become a member of the world-famous sportsbook 1xBet.

Betters can choose from different options, which they consider as promising and understandable. In order to correctly determine 1xbet fixed matches, we recommend you to consider the varieties, offered by TOTO, their advantages and offers.

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Fixed matches: variations on 1xBet

1xbet free betting tips

The bookmaker offers for the registered users 7 varieties of 1xbet fixed matches.

1xBet free prediction: tote “Fifteen”

One of the most common varieties of TOTO predictions. The task is to choose 15 events at the same time and predict their outcome. Typically, this category includes 1xbet football predictions and prediction for hockey matches.

The better, sure, has the opportunity to independently determine the events, based on 1xbet free prediction and study the table statistics of past matches. For this reason, before proceeding with sports betting, it is preliminary important to weigh the pros and cons, registration account and replenish deposit.

1xbet betting tips and conditions:

  • mega jackpot (prize pool) directly depends on the number of participants and the size of their bets;
  • You can participate in TOTO weekly for 5 days;
  • out of 15 bets for tips, it is essential to mention all nine outcomes rightly;
  • the jackpot is intended for the gambler, who only determined the outcome of all selected events, in other words 15 out of 15;
  • minimum rate from 1 euro.

“Fifteen” is very popular due to the high levels of winnings, because no one wants to miss the chance to get millions.

“Correct score”

Betters have the opportunity to 1xbet betting tips in the 8 matches series. In this case, the task is not only to determine the winner, but also manage the final score of the football event. The task is to predict the outcome of at least 2 events and get pleasant rewards for it. 1xbet prediction jackpot goes to the better, who gambles correctly on events 8 out of 8.

1xbet prediction tips payout distribution:

  • the distribution of 5% from the pool is assigned to betters, who predicted all 8 events;
  • the distribution of 5% from the pool to gamblers, who guessed 7 outcomes;
  • a pool of 7.5% – for 6 guessed events;
  • ten percent pool for 5;
  • 12.5% ​​- 4;
  • 20% –3;
  • 35 – 2.

In this case, 1xbet free tips is difficult to do, but it is possible to win. If it was not possible to play the events in the sweepstakes, the bets are returned to the participating betters, and the TOTOs are assigned the status “failed”.

Tip: in shops on a site, you can exchange earned points for a ticket with profitable odds and free bets – there are a lot of versions.

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1xBet football prediction and tips: features and conditions

1xBet football prediction

By its principle, 1xbet football predictions are somewhat reminiscent of the “Fifteen” tote. The main task is to correctly determine 14 of the selected 15 sports events. One of the features is the presence of only soccer matches in the proposed events.

Betters begin to receive rewards only if more than 9 outcomes are correctly defined.

There are three different outcomes for each event, with separate payment percentages.

Pool separation after the competition is divided according to the following principle:

  • 10% – for 14, 13 and 12 correct hits;
  • 15% – 11;
  • 20 – 10;
  • 35% – 9.

More detailed 1xbet free tips are displayed on the official site of BC.

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1xBet betting tips: “Fifteen” prediction

1xBet fifteen

Today 1xbet prediction game “Fifteen” can be done by anyone as follows – visit the bookmaker’s online website, activate the TOTO tab, select the tote, that interests you the most, and activate it with the click on a mouse. 15 sentences will appear, opposite each one you have to put prediction in the form:

  • X – the icon displays a draw;
  • P2 – to win the second team;
  • P1 – to win the second team.

If you are not familiar with the participants in the events, we recommend insignificant betting. And the final touch is to confirm the bet.

If you like risk and have a desire today and not tomorrow to “hit the big jackpot”, then TOTO 1xbet free tips is what you need.

Please note that all Toto are available in the mobile app for ipad, iphone, android and PC application. Carefully study the conditions!Your registration bonus

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